Meet Your Revenue Roundtable Leadership:
Kevin McArdle and Todd Alexander

Kevin McArdle and Todd Alexander began their successful collaboration almost a decade ago at the Taylor Corporation, one of the largest, privately held corporations in the US. Taylor was struggling to stand out against their competition and found themselves forced to compete on price. The company retained Kevin to 1) help grow their sales and 2) work with both sales and marketing to differentiate their printing and technology services in a commoditized marketplace.

Adopting a new strategyThe company adopted Kevin’s High-Value Selling as its standardized sales process—with Todd, Taylor’s Chief Sales Officer, leading the initiative. This project marked the first collaboration between Kevin and Todd—and it was highly successful.

The Taylor Strategic Accounts team achieved significant early wins, including closing a multi-million dollar opportunity within the first few months. Shortly thereafter, Todd formed the Taylor Sales & Marketing Community of Practice, which brought together 15-20 leaders each month. During these meetings, members discussed strategies to expand their use of High Value Selling within Taylor, learned new methodologies, shared best practices and collaborated on growth strategies.

After experiencing tremendous success together at Taylor, Kevin and Todd continued to collaborate on future projects, leveraging their powerful synergy.

When you join the Revenue Roundtable, Kevin and Todd will put this same synergy to work to help you reach a new level of excellence. Kevin’s ability to help companies across a broad range of industries create, elevate and capture value at each stage of the buying experience, will help you deliver compelling customer conversations across your sales and marketing disciplines to win more deals. Todd’s depth of experience will help you unleash the full potential of your sales organization through enhanced strategy, systems and capabilities, by developing your sales leaders and creating a culture that ensures sustained performance.

“I want to thank you. Because of our work together, I’ve become a bit of a legend this year and will attend our sales incentive trip. My success has a lot to do with your tools and coaching. I am VERY grateful for the opportunity to work with you and have you as a coach.” —Genevieve Bauer, Strategic Account Relationship Manager, Taylor Corporation


Discover More About Kevin and Todd

Kevin McArdle

“The Independent Outsider”
Kevin McArdle
Kevin McArdle is a veteran entrepreneur with more than 25 years of domestic and international business experience. Over his career, he’s specialized in showing companies how to create a competitive advantage by uncovering their key differentiators and communicating them effectively throughout their marketing and sales processes.

As President and Principal Consultant at McArdle Business Advisors, he has designed and implemented business growth and professional
development programs for a diverse range of companies. He has helped emerging, mid-market, and Fortune 500 companies strengthen their
strategy, execution and competitive differentiation to build market share and grow revenues even in the most challenging markets.

Contact Kevin:

Phone: 612.865.7503

“You have made an incredible contribution to our sales team by providing us with practical tools to move our people to higher levels of performance. The results are already being realized. You made clear sense out of very complex issues. Your impressive range of knowledge and your professional, comfortable style were a perfect combination to move our team from frustration to competence and from management to leadership.” —Ken Golder, Executive Vice President, Embassy Suites Hotels

Todd Alexander

“The Ultimate Insider”
Todd Alexander
In early 2012, Todd Alexander left his role as Chief Sales Officer for the Taylor Corporation to launch his own executive coaching and consulting practice, CORNERSTONE 3 (C3). Since that time, he has helped both companies and individual leaders boost their sales performance through improved leadership skills, strategy, systems thinking, teamwork and execution. C3 is currently working with organizations in a variety of industries including health care, professional services, office products and manufacturing.

Todd’s career with the Taylor organization spanned 29 years and included such roles as president of a $54 million company and, eventually, Chief Sales Officer. As CSO, he worked closely with Taylor’s leadership to grow sales and optimize key
strategic relationships.

Contact Todd:

Phone: 612.599.6011

“I worked with Todd during his tenure at Taylor Corporation. Todd was passionate about creating a high-functioning Community of Practice involving leaders from across our organization. The COP not only helped members improve performance at their craft but also manage their careers by investing in themselves to improve all aspects of their professional lives. If you are thinking about working with him, do it!” —Ron Drenning, Senior Vice President of Business Development, PII

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