Testimonials About Kevin McArdle and Todd Alexander

“It was a pleasure to attend your training class last week! I had heard many great things about the training prior to attending. However, despite those comments I couldn’t have been prepared for what I would take away from your process. I returned to my business with a sense of empowerment that hasn’t existed in some time. I have prided myself throughout my career as a relationship salesperson, and your system compliments that perfectly.” — Chad Hartman, Strategic Account Manager, Curtis1000

“The session was outstanding. Kevin is an incredible presenter. The pace was good and he did an exceptional job of engaging the participants. You had to stay on your toes in there. It was so unique that I have nothing to compare it to. His material and handouts were very well thought out and he did a good job of pulling it all together with everyday case studies and examples. The High-Value Selling process is so different from what most of us have been trained to do.I’m a believer! I want to thank you for bringing this type of program to the sales force; it is a key factor that will separate us from the rest of the pack.” —Mike Pingalore, Regional Vice President of Sales, Taylor Corporation

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“I’ve worked with both Todd Alexander and Kevin McArdle, and am certain that the combination of their knowledge and skillsets will prove to be of tremendous value to sales and marketing executives looking to expand their thinking and gain access to the very best sales and marketing practices.” —Larry Wagner, Executive Vice President of Sales, Curtis1000

“The High-Value Selling System is truly a unique tool for salespeople. During the training I spent a lot of time thinking that I cannot wait to apply this approach. I hope the competition doesn’t figure this one out. I have never been shown, read, or heard of anything quite like it – powerful stuff!” —Howard Ott, Regional Sales Manager, Original Smith Printing

Kevin is one of the best I’ve ever seen.” —Laura Lord, Director of Strategic Accounts, Curtis1000

“I worked with Todd during his tenure at Taylor Corporation, first as a fellow company president and then when he led Taylor’s sales organization. Specifically, during that time, Todd was passionate about creating a high-functioning Community of Practice (COP) involving leaders from across our organization. A core tenet of the COP was to help sales professionals not only improve performance at their craft, but to also self-manage their careers by investing in themselves to improve all aspects of their professional and, in some ways, their personal lives. I would recommend him for many types of engagements and welcome questions from anyone planning to work with him. If you are thinking about working with him, do it!” —Ron Drenning, Senior Vice President of Business Development, PII

“I want to thank you for all your help on BCBS. Because of our work together, I’ve become a bit of a legend this year and will attend our sales incentive trip. My success has a lot to do with your tools and coaching through that opportunity. I am VERY grateful for the opportunity to work with you and have you as a coach.” —Genevieve Bauer, Strategic Account Relationship Manager, Taylor Corporation

“This is a whole new approach to the typical sales trainings I’ve attended in the past, and I’m sure many will tell you the same thing. I thought it was eye opening, and made me feel the way I sold in the past was in the Stone Age. Kevin has enhanced my selling approach through the approach and tools he offered. This is a great way to get noticed as being different and better than the competition.” —Norm Schaefer, Strategic Account Manager, Curtis1000

“Todd has been an excellent collaborator. He is knowledgeable on a wide assortment of topics, industries, and disciplines. He is a very strategic thinker who also knows how to roll up his sleeves and put together the nuts and bolts. Todd always brings his energy, compassion, and “can do” spirit to every interaction. He is a greatly appreciated and trusted partner.” —Michael Stewart, President, Work Effects

“Kevin McArdle is one of those unique characters. He is much more than a presenter of information, he is a motivator, a thought leader, a teacher, and true professional who enlightens and most importantly, Kevin is thorough. His strategies work.” —Jerry Bangston, Executive Vice President, Honda Motor Corporation

“I had the pleasure of working with Todd from 2008 to 2012. In my role as Chief Merchant and a key business leader for Office Depot’s Copy & Print division, we negotiated long-term strategic contracts, developed cross-channel business strategies, marketing plans and collaborated with other parts of Office Depot and other copy & print vendors, such as Xerox, Harland Clarke and others. In all cases, Todd was a true partner in every sense of the word. He is approachable, sensitive to our needs, creative and empowering of his team to get the job done. Additionally, he has excellent soft skills in dealing with people at all levels, up and down the organization. It has been a pleasure to work with and get to know Todd and I would look forward to other opportunities to work together in the future.” —Jay Eisenberg, Chief Merchant, Office Depot